first sunday stars ice cell and Tracy Morgan as Durrell and Legion Two petty criminals who need a plutocrat so Durrell’s son can stay with his father and they can keep some of Jamaica’s hotties off their tail. Durrell and Legion come up with a desperate plan to burglarize their neighborhood church.

They wade their way into the vandalism, only to find that someone has punched them – someone in the church. to get your hands on the plutocratDurrell and Legion The night must be spent in the presence of the lord and his followers in order to find his rival and steal back the rich man from the church.

The result is an unlikely combination that could set Durrell and Legion on a path of sudden redemption and faith.

first sunday A bit uneven. It’s not as funny as it desperately wants to be. Furthermore, the plot and characters are sometimes forced and predictable. After all, despite its strong Christian world viewWhich leads to mercy, repentance, forgiveness, and faith, contains many profanities and some colorless moments, including a drug joke.


ultimately strong, but uneven, Christian worldview about redemption and leading up to it, in which two unwanted men join and join one Christian Church, but with some antinomian or lawless rates that can shoot down a mixed moral, biblical send-off. But church members and clergy are largely positive numbers, though sometimes bizarre, and undeserved kindness overcomes sin.

Repentance and faith, as well as leads to gay jokes where a man gets a massage from a woman who turns into a man, which causes him to go down, and the divinity director acts lewd and mentions cuffs that he is not HIV positive; 33 or 34 profanity (including multiple words), a GD

first sunday cast

a possible mild obscenity, and a stag gesture; Some comical violence such as trying to blow up a safe that doesn’t do much, wheelchairs fall out of vans and crash, police chase criminals, mobsters hang hero with weapons, pastor tied up is given, and the man takes people hostage in the church with a gun, which at least at first goes off.

no coitus scenes yet men having fun related to female body especially his handicap end, as they watch him from across the street, and the man takes on the woman’s handicap end, as well as the gay gay jokes; no nudity, but some effeminate partiality; no apparent use of alcohol; There’s a joke about marijuana with an auto cushion sticker that says, “Hang the horn if you like weed”; And, the heroes try to protect the stolen wheelchair.

The heroes try to burglarize the church, get reprimanded for embezzlement, and the heroes take people hostage in the church, but the liberal immorality is played for laughs and used to educate the overall moral assignment, Also the stereotypical depictions of the African-American community may be disturbing to some, Maybe right.

further detail

First Sunday is a comedy about two ne’er-do-wells, played by Ice Sale and tracy morgan of Saturday Night Live, who try to burglarize an African-American church in their neighborhood.

The film has a strong positive outlook ChristianityEspecially towards the end, but in the first half of the film Morgan’s character is a stereotypical low life (which could be considered a racist concept if the film was made by a white man) and some of the church members are a bit bizarre.

the movie starts Durrell (Ice Sail) and Legion (Tracy Morgan), two unskilled petty criminals and young gunslingers, are receiving 000 hours of forced community service from a judge.

Durrell learns that his ex-girlfriend plans to move to another state with their estranged son unless he can give her $,000 to pay off the debt. At the same time, Legion gets them into trouble with some Jamaica When robbers lose a van full of stolen wheelchairs.

first sunday cast

Durrell and Legion Come up with a depressing plan to bug the plutocrats in your neighborhood Christian church, They wade their way into the breakaway, only to find that someone has pre-punched them – someone in the church.

To get your hands on the plutocrat, Durrell and Legion One must spend the night in the presence of the lord and his followers in order to find his rival and fly off with Dhanika. The result is an unlikely combination that could set Durrell and Legion on a path of sudden redemption and faith.

First of all, the movie isn’t as funny as it desperately tries to be.

Second, the plot and characters are a bit forced and predictable. Too, tracy morgan Can be really funny, but he goes a little too thick on the frothy, stupid, foul-mouthed dude. Therefore, many observers may wonder why the smartest, more eloquent in the world durrell Hanging around this clunker. Mainly, still durrell It seems like a man with a chip on his shoulder.

Another problem is that the moral and spiritual influence of the members of the Church on Durrell and Legion comes a little late in the story. Pastor, played by Chi McBrideis a solid, positive character, but the film places him as a suspect in a church burglary, only to continue some suspension later.

eventually, first sunday It contains several profanities, some mild sexual references, and a marijuana joke.

An intriguing aspect to the film is one of its promotional taglines, ” crime does not plead, One of the most positive stereotypes first sunday It is clearly implied throughout the story that Durrell and Legion are getting into trouble, living a life of crime and ruining their lives because of their temporal cultures and stations, and in fact their enmity and Cynical against Christianity.

first sunday cast

Like all institutions consisting of immoral human beings, there are some thieves and hypocrites in the church. really so Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Bible, which is the word of God, is opposed to such sins as theft, lust, greed, gluttony and dishonesty. Crime, indeed, does not plead, and neither do shameless criminals and wrongdoers.

try it again

Maybe it didn’t go as well as you anticipated. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes different churches are right for different people, that’s why There are 12.7 million people in the UMC.

There is a church for each of our members and those who want to be part of a commodity greater than themselves. Don’t give up on searching for the place you call your spiritual home.

first sunday cast


Finally, two heroes inside first sunday damned and blessed by god of second chances, and his church, with the beginning of relaxation, enjoyment and a better life. Now, there’s a positive, persuasive communication that should further thicken Hollywood pictures.

Now more than ever we are bombarded with darkness in the media, pictures and television.

We are proud to say that we have tied up with some of the top hardworking players to influence and capitalize on Jesus Entertainment. Still, the most influential person Hollywood you are Spectator.

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