The Ekiti Governor’s wife, Mrs BC Femi, condemned the various forms and dimensions of violence against women in Nigerian politics, saying it was a matter of concern.

Famie spoke during a live radio program on Thursday, which was monitored by Stop Violence Against Women in Politics (STOP-VAWIP) and Baum in ado-ekity by the Gilead Foundation for Sustainable Development (BIGIF).

BIGIF is an NGO dedicated to ensuring equitable access to sustainable livelihoods for women, youth and children through the provision of care and support services, education, referrals, resource mobilization, human rights promotion, social inclusion, youth development and women’s empowerment. Committed to.

The Governor’s wife promised to increase the active participation of women in politics and electoral processes by reducing the impact of violence against women in politics in all forms in the state.

According to him, some of them are not limited to physical, economic, emotional, sexual and other forms of violence.

He said that violence has negatively affected the health and general well-being of women, as well as on the political and socio-economic development of the country.

“Stop-VWIP campaign aims to raise awareness about the harmful effects of violence against women in politics and involve relevant stakeholders to reduce it.

“It is also to encourage women to actively participate in electoral processes and to track and respond to cases of violence against women in politics during the election period,” she said.

Femi took the audience down memory lane at the town hall meeting, sharing how the GBV response program and legislation began in Ekiti and grew to the point where it was institutionalized.

He said that the VAPP/GBV Prohibition Act has now been established as a comprehensive legal framework that protects women and promotes a culture where women can live freely and safely.

“As of June, 32 states in Nigeria have domesticated the VAPP law, mainly due to the marching order given by the Forum of Governors.

“This became a matter of concern as one in three women is suffering from or is suffering from GBV. It is to promote a culture whereby women can live their lives with dignity.

“Some of the lessons we learned and applied were the relationship between education and GBV prevention.

“As a result, we developed a GBV policy for educational institutions and also initiated community engagement that works with traditional and religious institutions.

“We observed that there is a need to set up an effective GBV management committee, as the MDA and the development partner have contributed to the process of reducing GBV in Ekiti.

“It is clear that GBV cannot be addressed regardless of women’s economic status, as poverty increases the vulnerability of women and children to poor life choices and outcomes,” he adds.

“The Town Hall meeting also provided an opportunity for the participants to make recommendations for strategic actions in implementing the VAPP/GBV Prohibition Act in Ekiti State.

The town hall also hosted the visiting governor’s wife, Dr. Olemi Oebanji, who shared her intention to continue prioritizing the women’s agenda after the government’s tenure in the state.

Oebanzi gave its commitment to continue advocating for the implementation of the Unity Women’s Policy Agenda, 2022, the GBV Prevention Strategic Plan, the Political Office (Gendered Composition) Bill, 2022, when signed into law and other programs and plans, as he addresses issues. passionate about. ,

In order to make Ekiti a model state for implementing the GBV law, both women will be provided with funding from various ministry departments and agencies (MDAs), more gender experts and social workers to decentralize access to GBV services in the state. advocate for.

He assured people that the coming administration would include “gender updates” as part of the state executive council’s briefing.

“This is to ensure that GBV and other related issues are addressed at the highest level of the state.

BIGIF achieved, through the program, “immediate justice” for a 16-year-old teenage pregnancy survivor who has been placed in her abused home in Edo-Ekiti, as the governor’s wife sent a marching order to obtain the ministry concerned. Had given. The girl supported and filed a case against her abuser within 24 hours.

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