Microsoft has released it November 2022 Update To Excel On the web, Windows, Mac and iOS. In general, the spreadsheet will receive four new features and improvements, although the availability of each will depend on the platform where Excel is used.

Office Scripts Automation on Excel

Excel on Windows and Mac will share two new features that are now generally available. First is the new ability to automate tasks with Office Scripts, previously only available on the web version of Excel. Microsoft tested it out to Insiders in early October, but is now rolling it out to two additional platforms. Office Scripts automation, simply put, allows the automatic execution of specific repetitive tasks. The good thing about this new feature is that it will help users save time and make minimum errors in spreadsheet workflow. Additionally, it is possible to schedule scripts, which is incredibly useful even when you are not around.

Show Changes feature of Excel for Mac and Windows

Another feature coming to Excel on Windows and Mac is the ability to show changes. Ideal for collaboration, this feature will give users detailed information about specific changes made, who made them and where and when they were made. In addition, it will present a view of the cell’s previous value, making it possible to do a reversion if needed. This feature can cover changes made for up to 60 days, and they can be viewed by sheet, range, individual cell, or bulk.

For Excel on the web, users can start by using the Chart Data File feature which gives users a great view of the source range of cells for their charts. It virtually works as a visual indicator that shows the Excel data source of their chart and changes in real time based on the selected cells or range.

Visual improvements on Excel's contextual command bar and ribbon palette

Meanwhile, Office Insiders using iPhones will get new visual improvements on Excel for iOS that offer a “clean and simplified experience.” In particular, the changes cover the contextual command bar and ribbon palette, helping their elements better complement Microsoft’s Fluent Design.

insert image inside excel cell

In december, the long-awaited ability to insert images within Excel’s cells is expected to arrive. According to the current Microsoft 365 roadmap, the feature will be available on the Web, Mac, desktop, and Android versions of Excel once its general availability arrives next month.

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