before you season 1 Beyond Hedge (Michaela McManus) was the puzzle woman, Love was Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). before orS Love, Guinevere Was BakedK (Elizabeth Lail).

technically not Joe Ozzie, Gwen is still our OG – the first lady we saw who was unfortunate enough to turn a blind eye Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley)), the director of the independent bookstore that would have been every scholarly nut’s dream.

That’s almost twice since the cerebral suspenser’s alternate season premiered on Netflix on December 26, 2019, and three times since the first season premiered on Lifetime before going into transnational fashion. netflix streaming.

with season 3 of you We’ve got you not only a Season 2 recap, but also a Season 1 recap to make sure you’ve refreshed your memory in time for Season 3, which is all set to hit Netflix on October 15. Is.

Body Count( 5)

Time is of the essence, so let’s fix it. then everyone who failed in aap ka season 1, and vice versa season 2, which Killed every single bone of these poor, unfortunate souls (And yes, that includes the bones we loathed. Looking at you, Ron.)

benjamin“Benji” J. Ashby III (Lou Taylor Pucci)- Ah, Benji. He had all the basics for the privileged white boy starter pack—a social media presence, an artsy soda pop business funded by daddy, and an inability to please a woman.

you season 1 cast

All that being said, no bone is worth dying for consuming a maple latte with almond milk, two stevias, and a secret ingredient of two soups containing a deadly allergen, peanut oil painting. that tempts benji in the basement of his bookstore on the pretense that he is interested in her craft soda pop business.

Once he has her where he wants her, he knocks her out and locks her in his pen, the first of the victims we actually get to see. benji tries to give first Joe plutocratalso offers to help her win Beck over, and eventually shows her the confirmation of her most devastating secret.

however, it is Benji’s effect on Beck that seals his fate. Later benji On this occasion the first tells him that he has a peanut misanthropy, putting peanut oil painting in his drink. Within seconds, Benji is in a downward movement before dying of anaphylactic shock.

Peach Salinger ( shay mitchell)- the beautiful, privileged child of JD Salinger she herself, Peach Salinger Except for a preoccupation with a trifle that was not generally important with Guinevere Beck.

Gradually it becomes clear that Peach’s fatherBeck’s story goes beyond a woman only looking out for her friend, but a woman trying to regain control of the friend she loves. Joe, who sees it as a necessity to cleanse the world of Beck’s toxic Musketeers, which means keeping him.” Safe“The Irony Is Peaches” A rich, volatile snooper.

He first attempts to kill Peach while she is on her daily run in. Central Park. He hits her on the head with a jewel, knocking her unconscious and leaving her covered in her own blood. To her horror, Peach survives the attack, but she doesn’t realize it yet. that is a criminal.

it’s not until Peaches Shortcoming Signal Jo takes one last desperate step to remove Peaches permanently, forever, to live with her at his family’s holiday house in Greenwich. He follows them to Greenwich and hides in Peach’s house until then. Peaches catches him.

you season 1 cast

As Joe runs to escape, Peach shoots him in the leg. He pretends to faint before trapping her and killing her with his gun. He also frames it as a self-murder.

Elijah Thornton, Esteban Benito) – In a flashback scene, we learn that Candace, Joe’s sex-lover, was cheating on him with a music mentor named Elijah. when he encounters Eliza At a party on the roof, Elijah assures Joe that he didn’t know Candace was in a relationship, but after Elijah blurts out several unflattering thoughts about Candace, Joe pushes her over the edge.

Ron, daniel cosgrove, Ron Definitely running for one of the most irreplaceable people in you. Claudia’s cynical swain, Ron, Joe’s neighbor, helps with Claudia’s drug dependency and creates a disastrous home life for his son Paco.

In the season homestretch, PacoRon, fearful for his maternal uncle’s life, strikes Ron over the head with a baseball club. unfortunately, Ron gets back to their bases and furiously chases Paco outside where Joe shows up and hugs Ron.

Guinevere Beck – Sorry, we all knew this bone was coming.

When Beck finds Joe’s secret box in the ceiling pipe of his toilet, that knocks her unconscious and when she wakes up Beck is faced with a real torment Joe’s pen, She manages to trap Joe in his pen, after convincing him that she loves him and understands that he was trying to keep her safe.

you season 1 cast

unfortunately, that Holds a spare key in case the pen is locked. After stealing Gee’s key, he passes out and follows Beck up the stairs.blocked the door, Before she has a chance to open it, Joe grabs her already. The ensuing scene we see is a performance in Joe’s bookstore of Beck’s postmortem novel.

season 1 ending explained

Season 9 ends with the search for Beck Joe’s Secret Box It’s full of everything you’d never want to find in the ceiling of your swank, especially a jar of teeth. thatHorrified, he knocks her unconscious before she is fit to escape. She awakens to find she is locked inside Joe’s pen – previously a safe haven for beautiful, priceless books, now a terrifying trap with no way out.

Opportunity 10 begins with a flashback Mr. Mooney A cruel disciplinarian to help a teenager who knocks Joe down the cellar stairs before he locks him in the pen.” understandHe who is

flash Fast forward to the present, and we’re right where we left off in Opportunity 9. Beck, who is not, is now a man locked inside a glass pane. she begs who let him out, Jo begs him to understand that whatever he has done, he has done it for her.

you season 1 cast

He tells her that he cannot let her out until he is sure he can trust her. To beck’s disasterhe confirms that he killed peaches and benji, But she is dangerously eager to get everything out in the open and tell Beck the truth.


final scene Season ends with a classic Joe voiceover, The bell rings when a woman enters a bookshop, and that Looks like he’s settled on his new preoccupation. But at the same time, in a wild turn of events, the woman approaches him and lowers her hood, revealing that we were definitely dead. candace,

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