The Sinner Season 1 was released in 2017 and was a truly great piece of self-contained crime drama television and asked the simple question of who rather than why in the case of Jessica Biel’s Cora Tanetti. In this article we are going to discuss about The Sinner Season 2. So keep scrolling down and read this entire article.

Cora kills an innocent man for no reason in broad daylight in front of her husband and son.

The Sinner Season 2 has revealed young killer Julian’s motives behind his crime, well ahead of its Season 2 finale.

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The Sinner Season 2 is an American police procedural anthology television series developed by Derek Simmonds for United States Network. The show is named after Petra Humpsfar’s 1999 novel and served as the basis for Season 1 of The Sinner.

The police detective is played by Bill Pullman and he investigates crimes that are committed by unlikely criminals and tries to uncover their motivations.

Pullman only appeared in each season while the rest of the cast changed for each season’s storyline.

The Sinner Season 2 is an eight episode miniseries. The first season of The Sinner premiered on 2Ra August 2017. The show’s success led it to become an anthology series on USA Network. Series 2 was broadcast for approximately four seasons.Ra August 2017 to 1scheduled tribe December 2021.

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Who is the cast of Sinner season 2?

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Check out the cast of The Sinner season 2 along with their characters below –

How many episodes are in Sinner season 2?

There are a total of 8 episodes of The Sinner season 2 and check out the episode guide for the same –

S02 E08 Part VIII

Broadcast Date – 19 September 2018

Harry learns that an eyewitness saw a man arguing with Marin outside the Five Nations motel room, but also that Julian was not with her. Brick calls Harry with an important lead found during the raid on Mosswood.

S02 E07 Part VII

Broadcast Date – 12 September 2018

S02 E06 Part VI

Broadcast Date – 5 September 2018

Harry visits Carmen Bell in a psychiatric institution but learns that she has been placed in isolation because of her poor reaction to a phone call the day before. Vera tells Harry that Julian is being drugged in a juvenile detention center.

S02 E05 Part V

Air Date 29 August 2018

S02 E04 Part IV

Air Date 22 Aug 2018

Harry receives a call from Julian who doubts that Vera will be able to get him released from detention. Harry returns to Mosswood to learn more about the work of the commune.

S02 E03 Part III

Air Date 15 August 2018

S02 E02 Part II

Air Date 8 August 2018

As Ambrose and Heather learn more about Julian and the events at the motel, Heather is shocked to learn that he is living in Mosswood, an infamous ‘utopian’ commune on the outskirts of Keller.

S02 E01 Part I

Air Date 1 August 2018

trailer –

Watch the trailer for Sinner Season 2 in the following video. By watching this video you will get an idea about the show which will make it easy for you to decide whether to watch this series or not.

What are the reviews for Sinner Season 2?

av club‘s Alex McLevy wrote a review of the first few episodes, particularly Carrie Coon’s performance as the mysterious Vera Walker. McLevy wrote that the second season could be even better,

“Two things keep this from feeling like a foreshadowing of season one: the excellent choices in new narrative made by writer-producer Derek Simmonds, and the caliber of the talent involved in bringing it to life. Leading the latter group is Carrie Coon, Which… brings together a wonderful fusion of fractured humanism and sinister duplicity, another magnetic performance by the actor that elevates the material and lends gravitas to some of the more ghoulishly impossible turns.

papi season 2

IndieWire’s Ben Travers said –

“Derek Simmonds assembles a helluva team for an intriguing follow-up season. The first three episodes of Season 2 match the tone and intensity of the writer’s gripping debut, while new cast members Tracy Letts, Natalie Paul and Carrie Coon join the original cast.” ready for any holes left by…. There’s so much going on in season 2 it could go off the rails, but so far it’s made up for the fact that everyone involved A big win for the sinner No one hit wonder.

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