Twitter is currently going through several controversial changes, but controversies aside, the social media giant is working on several new functionalities for the users. Elon Musk recently announced a new feature for Twitter that enables users to see how many times people have viewed their tweets. Musk, called View Count, has started rolling out the feature.

The Twitter chief argues that the view count feature will show users that “Twitter is more alive than it seems.” What he meant to say is that Twitter users can get an idea of ​​how many people are using the microblogging platform to read posts. Users will have a positive impression about Twitter after seeing the number of views a viral tweet has received.

Musk also argues that since the majority of Twitter users (more than 90 percent, according to Musk) do not engage in public actions on the platform, including liking, retweeting, and replying, the view count tells us how much a post receives. Will give more clarity on the linkages.

However, this is different from the old system, where authors could see how many people had viewed their tweets. View count, on the other hand, enables each Twitter user to see how many impressions a tweet has received. Currently the view count is on the left, but Musk has started a poll on Twitter Asking users whether it should move to the right or stay on the same side.

In addition to the view count capability, Twitter recently launched a new Blue subscription for businesses. However, users’ outcry caused the company to roll back a new promotion policy just after it was launched. This led Elon Musk to start a poll on Twitter, asking users whether he should remain CEO of the company in the future. More than 50 percent voted in favor of removing Musk as the head of the social media site.

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