According to a letter reviewed by NBC News, the Defense Department denied DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s request to assist with the influx of immigrants made by Texas Gov. Migrants bus to Greg Abbott’s town.

The letter from the Executive Secretary of the Department of Defense said the city has substantial funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to D.C. nonprofits that can provide shelter and other services to immigrants.

“After careful consideration the department has concluded that it cannot fulfill your request,” Kelly Bulliner Holly told Christopher Rodriguez, director of DC’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.

“I understand that SAMU First Response, a non-governmental organization, has received federal grant funding for this mission through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program by FEMA. This program specifically provides shelter and support services to families and individuals. The purpose of providing is to supplement funds for humanitarian relief efforts by the government and social service organizations,” the letter said.

Abbott, a Republican who has been highly critical of the Biden administration’s border policies, began sending migrants to DC in April on buses paid for by Texas taxpayers. On Friday, he also began sending migrants to New York City.

At a Friday morning press conference, Bowser said he had seen the letter and that his office could send a revised request to the DoD, claiming the city was overwhelmed.

“When we have an escalating humanitarian crisis that we expect, that the federal government hopes is only going to get worse, I have to deploy the resources I need to handle it and give us the best of our national Guard required.

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