On August 26, the Destiny 2 community waited with bated breath as Bungie released one of the most popular raids in the game. The King’s Fall Raid revolves around the Guardians going to the Oryx’s castle in an attempt to take him down.

However, before making their way to the Tekken King, the Guardians will have to fight off several small, but powerful bosses. The Golgoroth encounter in Destiny 2 is one of them. Since this raid will remain in the game during loot throughout the season, here is a quick guide on how to complete the Golgoroth encounter.

As for weapons, Guardians need to make sure they have enough DPS to deal enough damage to Golgoroth during the boss damage phases in Destiny 2. With that said, here is the guide.

As mentioned above, Guardians will have to shoot the orb in the center to start the boss fight. Once it’s triggered, a Guardian must shoot Golgoroth in the back, after which the Ugly Hive Ogre will turn its gaze on him. The big yellow sack on Golgoroth’s back is the target that a Guardian would need to shoot in order to get Golgoroth’s gaze debuff. With a Gage debuff on the Guardian, Golgoroth will expose his midriff, revealing a weak spot. Shooting this location will allow the remaining Guardians to harm Golgoroth without any difficulty.

To deal additional damage to Golgoroth, Guardians must shoot an orb from side to side, which drops a pool of light. Parents standing in these pools of light will suffer additional damage. And for more clarity, Golgoroth’s look is nothing but a debate that focuses Golgoroth’s harmful rays on him.

Also, this debuff can be transferred from one parent to another. Whoever the Guardian shoots Golgoroth in the back will receive a Gaze debuff. The Guardians must repeat this process until Golgoroth is eventually defeated and all six jewels are used up.

Although this encounter seems simple enough in theory, in reality it is not at all easy. The Guardians will need to bring in some serious firepower if they want to make this fight short in Destiny 2.

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