Dean McDermotta tribute to tory spelling Calling us 9021OMG.

the former sliced ​​canada The host recently showered his wife of 16 years with love in a social media post, putting an end to rumors of marital woes between the two. Dean posted a photo of Tori wearing a black zip-front jacket with her blonde hair cascading down her torso.

“I mean… HOLY SMOKE SHOW!!!” He wrote on 23 November, “Hot wife alert!! #gorgeousgirl #wife #attractive.”

clamoring for Beverly Hills, 90210 This comes just a day after the alum debuted her family’s 2022 holiday card. In the photo, Dean and Tory are surrounded by their children, Liam15, Stella14, removed12, Finn10, dandy5, and Dean’s son Jack24 with whom he shares Mary Jo Eustace,

“I’m in Canada filming again, but I shot Christmas cards this year!!!” Dean wrote on November 22nd, “Thank you @simplytoimpress for helping share some holiday cheer to my beautiful family!! #family #love #happyholidays.”

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