Over the years, Dead Island 2 has become the punchline that many gamers will point to as a game that was caught in a never-ending development cycle. While Dumbuster Studios only has the game for four years, that hasn’t stopped other developers from poke fun at it. But it looks like dumbster has enjoyed the memes and the developers were thrilled with the trailer for Goat Simulator 3.

In an interview with dot esports, the developers said they had no idea about the trailer before it aired. “I think the Goat Simulator 3 trailer was a big surprise too,” developer Dan Evans said. “We didn’t know they would do that.”

“The work just stopped,” said narrative designer Ayesha Kahn. “Everyone was saying ‘Have you seen this?'”

The Goat Simulator 3 trailer mimics the beginning of the Dead Island 2 2014 E3 trailer and then continues through the same theme of one character, while chaos ensues behind them. Paired with Geoff Keighley’s confusing introduction, this spoof seemed to trick everyone before the titular goats arrived to ruin the scene.

Not only did Dumbuster delight in the trailer, but Evans also seemed to have rejuvenated the team, even though he didn’t know their release date was being announced any time soon. “But I think it was a really positive thing because it was like re-energizing us,” Evans said.

The team also said that they love the memes they have seen so far, but because of the work they haven’t been able to take a very deep dive. However, they are following the hashtag. “There’s only one I really know so far and I’m glad the internet announced Jacob as their new boyfriend,” Kahn said. “And everyone thinks he’s Lenny Kravitz,” Evans said.

Dark Souls games on PC have been struggling with their online servers since late 2021. These issues were further exacerbated by the fact that Elden Ring was soon to launch a few months later and FromSoftware had to ensure a smooth launch for their new, soon-to-be mainstream masterpiece. This left the original Dark Souls players in the dark.

These server issues persisted in all three Dark Souls games, including Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, and the entirety of Dark Souls 3 and its expansions: Ashes of Arianedale and The Ringed City. Funnily enough, the issue never affected Software’s other PC title Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, but it was a dark period for PC Souls players everywhere.

That is, till today. We have finally got some good news which suggests that Seoul players may have to wait longer for the fix.

Online features have been reactivated for the PC version of Dark Souls III.

We’re working to restore these features for all other #DarkSouls titles and will notify you when they return to service.

Thanks once again for your patience and support. pic.twitter.com/XHiCZDEANC

According to the latest tweet via FromSoftware, Dark Souls 3’s servers are finally back up and running again after a long hiatus. All Dark Souls games can be played single-player, but any longtime Souls fan will tell you that the game’s true essence lies in its multiplayer features, co-op, and attack system.

With Dark Souls 3’s servers finally up and running, it seems inevitable that the servers of other Souls games on PC will be restored soon. While we have no further news on when this will happen, FromSoftware has mentioned that it is currently working on it and it is only a matter of time.

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