A League of Their Own may have been inspired by the true story that inspired the 1992 film, but there are significant changes in tone as the series hinges on protagonist Carson’s (Abbi Jacobson) search for his own identity.

Along the way, she forms a deep bond with Rockford Peach Greta (D’Arcy Cardon) who quickly turns romantic. As the season progresses, their relationship experiences ups and downs, but things seem to go as expected as the women promise to see each other again, but in different directions. plans to go.

While Greta leaves for New York, Carson isn’t sure what will happen in the future. Nevertheless, they are hopeful that they will see each other again before parting ways with a goodbye kiss. The only catch? Carson’s husband Charlie (Patrick J. Adams) testifies to an alleged private display of affection while waiting around to surprise his wife.

Although the series hasn’t been renewed for Season 2 yet, Carden expects more on the horizon. “There’s more story to be told for each of these characters, and I personally would love it, if we were so lucky to have a Season 2, to dive deeper into some of the characters that we can fully dive into.” Didn’t get to put up,” the actress tells TV Insider.

“All I want to do is watch eight more hours of these characters,” Cardon says. “I think each story ends in a way where I want to see what happens the next minute, the next week, the next year, the next season. I loved watching the finale and shooting the finale.”

As for Carson and Greta’s relationship, Carden credits her longtime friendship with Jacobson for her spontaneity. “Actors can act, that’s what we’re trained to do, and that’s what we can do, but having this decade-plus relationship under our belt has made it so much easier,” marvels Carden. “We could have cut into it very quickly, and I know what Abby needs and Abby knows what I want as an actor and as friends.”

Without the awkward steps of getting comfortable with a costar, Carden was ready to dive in with Jacobson. “We just speak the same language and don’t need as many words to get there,” Kardon says of Understanding Moments with Jacobson.

“Abby and I have done comedy together for so long, and I know how to make her laugh and she knows how to make me laugh, and she knows what I’m good at and I know what she’s good at.” But it was fun being surprised by each other,” Carden shared. “The show can be very dramatic, and it was amazing to see my friend do something I hadn’t seen her before.”

Hopefully, fans will get to see more from Greta and Carson should Prime Video renew A League of Their Own. Until then, we’re crossing our fingers like any fan in the stands.

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