Microsoft announced new titles on its gaming platform from January 9 to January 13. The total number of games this week isn’t as substantial as what we had in previous drops, but the titles are still a welcome addition to Xbox. Some of the biggest ones to expect are One Piece Odyssey, Classic Breakers Games, and Chasing Static. Here’s more information about him and the rest of the games.

children of silenttown

children of silenttown poster

January 11 (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

Control Lucy, a girl living in a village in a forest where monsters and people disappear. After years of fear, he is now ready to investigate the mystery of his world on his own. Help this girl navigate the mysterious land of Silenttown, where you’ll encounter a quirky, endearing story rendered in a hand-drawn dark graphic style.

breaker collection

breakers collection game poster

January 12 (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

Be a Classic at the start of the week by playing Classic breakers in games breaker collection, Contains breakers And breakers revenge And comes with new additional content. It also offers modes such as Versus Mode with Local or Online Lobby, Arcade Mode, Rollback Netcode (GGPO), Team Battle, Art Gallery, Training Mode, and more. It’s an enticing game for fans of the cult classic from the 1990s, but also the perfect title for those looking for an extreme action-fighting game.

chasing static

chasing static game poster

January 12 (Optimized for XBOX Series X|S / Smart Delivery)

Follow the story of Chris Selwood, a man in need of refuge as a storm ravages North Wales. He finds shelter in a remote roadside cafe, passes out, only to witness a horrifying scene, and wakes up in the same dusty abandoned place. Join Chris as he explores the area and solves the mystery in this game with audio-driven gameplay mechanics, where you’ll rely on an experimental frequency displacement monitoring device.


Nascape!  sports posters

13 January

Nascape! is an 8-bit retro game that offers tons of intricate puzzles to solve. Making the challenge more intense is its escape room theme, where you will need to solve each and every obstacle before your time runs out.

one piece odyssey

one piece odyssey game poster

13 January

Monkey.D.Luffy and his Straw Hat crew are caught in a storm and shipwrecked on a lush tropical island. With the gang scattered across this unfamiliar place, you need to help them find each other in order to survive an island filled with dangerous new enemies and terrifying forces of nature.

under the dungeon

underdungeon game poster

13 January

Delivery work is no joke, especially for Kimuto the cat who needs to do so in the monster-filled world of Kutopia. However, he does not go into battle unarmed. Kimuto uses a variety of weapons, from magic bubbles and boomerang cannons to the classic longsword, to take on boss fights in this genre-defying 2D graphics game.

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