New Bing, Despite Drawbacks Recently reported by early users, undoubtedly attracted the attention of the world. Microsoft wants to put this fame to good use by allowing paid links to be included in responses generated in search results. In addition, the giant also announced a price hike to its Bing Search API across all markets from May 1.

unveiled New ChatGPT-Powered Bing Attracted the attention of many. According to Microsoft, there are already millions of people on Bing’s waiting list, indicating a bright future for general availability of the intelligent search engine. With this, it should come as no surprise that the software giant is looking to monetize Bing by placing ads in its search results, specifically in the generated responses of the Bing chatbot. According to reutersMicrosoft met with a major advertising agency this week and has begun discussions with others on the matter.

It’s unclear how Microsoft plans to “insert” ads into the chatbot responses; However, Michael Cohen, executive vice president of performance media at Horizon Media, told reuters The software company pointed out that cited links included in AI-generated search responses (located below) “may be locations for advertisements.” Cohen further explained that Microsoft may share more details about the advertising strategy as early as March.

The plan appears to be targeting Bing’s conversational AI chatbot, the search engine’s most sought-after feature. another advertising executive who provided details to reuters That said the ads are already being tested among current users of an early version of Bing, meaning it’s now possible to encounter an ad or two during a casual conversation with the chatbot. In addition to the insertion of responses, Microsoft is also reportedly testing another ad format in the form of pop-up ads.

both sources of reuters That said, Microsoft still hasn’t provided a timeline and other details on when interested companies can try out ad serving in the chatbot. However, it is clear that Microsoft definitely wants to earn back the money used on the new Bing as soon as possible.

recently Announcement, the company said that there will be a pricing change in its Bing Search API. The free instance (tier) of the Bing Search API will remain the same with 1,000 transactions per month offered free of charge for all markets. However, in other cases, the price increase can be huge as the increase can result in an increase of 1,000%.

For example, an S1 instance that currently costs $7 per 1,000 transactions with a maximum rate of 250 TPS will soon be $25. In the same instance, the optional Bing Statistics add-in, now at $1 per 1,000 transactions, will soon be $10 per 1,000 transactions. Microsoft explained that “the new pricing model more accurately reflects Bing’s continued technology investments to improve search.”

The latest move from Microsoft comes after the company confirmed “multi billion dollar investmentChatGPT-Creator in OpenAI. According to Microsoft’s statement, the partnership will allow both companies to “commercialize the resulting advanced AI technologies.” These steps seem to be the beginning of this profitable scheme.

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