The television business has a lot to be thankful for, if the numbers Thank you The episodes that have come out over the years are any indication.

One of the most memorable to many revolves around turkeys and their inability to fly. WKRP in CincinnatiThe 1978 episode “Turkeys Away,” is about a misguided promotion that involves helicopters dropping live turkeys into the city. Let’s just say, the ensuing chaos provided hilarity that still stands nearly 44 years after that first broadcast.

Sitcoms have been feasting at the holiday fair for decades. all in the Family In 1975 “The Little Atheist,, In which Carroll O’Connor and Rob Reiner’s characters – Archie and Mike – argue about baby Joy’s religious upbringing.

Recent shows have made Thanksgiving offerings an annual event. Friend did 10 Thanksgiving episodes, one for the show each year, and everybody Loves Raymond Eight aired.

It’s not just sitcoms though, it’s been taking a bite out of the Thanksgiving pie for years. NCIS For example, the franchise has delivered nine holiday episodes that add a little procedural drama to the holiday meal.

Bob’s Burgers Leads the way among animated series with 10 Thanksgiving-themed episodes. the simpson It is one of those toons which have aired five-five.

Scroll through our selection of 50 classic Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes, from hilarious head-scratchers to murder mysteries from the 1960s to the 2020s.

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