Nick Cannon welcomes baby number 10, his third with Brittany Bell

britney bell Rising to the occasion as a mother of three.

model-who gave birth to him and Nick Cannon’third child, son rising messiah cannonIn September—posted a picture of the newborn with his siblings Gold ,teak, , and mighty queen23 months.

“Three Different Stages of Love!” Britney captioned 23 november instagram His three children are laughing together. “My heart breaks for them.”

In a separate post, Britney showed several photos of herself in a white dress on her bed with Rise, Golden and Powerful. Other newborn shots show Rise sleeping on a Bible.

“I got up at the right time,” he Written in part of November 21, “Calling me high in the challenges of darkness for the renewal of sunshine. My rise is patient and full of growth. There are signs of the golden warrior and mighty queen in my rise.”

She continued, “My Udaa is full of smiles and a joy that I have never seen. My Udaa is kept by God and filled with His presence. My Udaa was for such a time and gives me peace from heaven Is. “

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