It’s been an eventful week for Bing, thank you Recent Improvements and New Features Microsoft injected new user feedback into it including counter and chat tones.

Weeks ago, Microsoft faced a major problem regarding its chatbot which seemed to misbehave while interacting with different users. The Redmond company explained that a long conversation could confuse the bot and decided to limit it. Queries can get it. As such, users now have to refresh the conversation once the limit is reached, but this makes it difficult to keep track of the number of questions. Thankfully, this is over in the latest update by Microsoft. Users can now see a counter in Bing chatbot responses, complete with light signals to alarm them when they are about to reach the limit. In addition, there are now eight turns before Bing is notified to refresh the conversation.

Microsoft also rolled chat tone settings To binge this week. According to Mike Davidson, Corporate Vice President of Design and Research at Microsoft, it has now been started Everyone On the new Bing. Using this feature, users can choose between three tones that will change the chatbot’s chat behavior to “accurate,” “creative,” and “balanced.”

On the other hand, Microsoft said it made additional improvements to Bing this week to address some minor issues regarding recent performance. For example, Bing encountered problems due to not being able to recognize page context When using the chatbot built into the Edge Dev Channel for Windows. Microsoft said it was addressed “for most scenarios” in a recent update.

Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to improve Bing’s chatbot, enhancing its behavior to prevent “unnecessarily interrupted responses” or making them “appear defensive or hostile.”

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