Jack of All Trades Bethenny Frankel is tired of seeing the Kardashian family everywhere, and she explained why on an episode of her weekly podcast Just Be with Bethenny Frankel.

The full episode, complete with commercials about Frankel’s “most controversial opinion yet,” runs about 20 minutes long, according to a Spotify description, but the CEO and founder of SkinnyGirl products did not mention a select few video clips shot during the recording. Along with teased the episode on Instagram.

“We need a Kardashian intermission,” she said solemnly at the beginning of the first slide of the carousel. The clip appears to have been edited out, jumping to the second half of the episode where she continued, “And I’m honestly afraid to say it. And it’s not because Chris is the Mafia, and controls a lot of media.” Because I don’t give the f**k, cancel me.” Because, while Frankl himself is tired of the attack, he is more concerned about what it is doing to the younger generation.

He asked again, “What are we saying to our children? What is the message, ‘Take it all’? Be as rich as you can; Filter as much as possible; Be as fake as possible; brag as much as you can; Indulge yourself and take your photos so you look in the best light possible?” But the list only grew from there, and in this episode she eventually called it all narcissistic, frustrated by the prominence of the “wrong motherf*****g message”.

The second slide began with Frankel comparing the onslaught of the Kardashian media to feeling submerged by “the kardata,” or Kardashian data. “That’s all I heard!” She said, comparing that data to drugs and calling drug dealers who share it, “pedaling the same product and getting people hooked on it.” She took that concept and ran with it, later asking for a Kardashian detox.

The full episode opened with the most recent Kardashian update — Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup and Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s new baby — which Frankel described as part of a telenovela that goes on forever because she wrote “endlessly material” was launched. KCU (Kardashian Cinematic Universe) before requesting that we “let a little air out of the Kardashian balloon.”

Still, Frankel made sure to check that he didn’t have a problem with lonely family members. “I’ve met him. Kim is fine, Chris is fine, Corey is fine,” she said. But with his fame comes the cost of the mental health of others, and Frankel is on top of it.

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