Google announced that UK and US users can now sign up for the Bard waiting list. However, while Microsoft new bingThe search giant stressed that its Bard rollout would be slow. Additionally, there’s still no clear indication of when Bing’s rival will be available to the general public.

Those interested in trying out Bard can now visit To sign up for the waiting list. Currently, it is very limited in terms of location, as Google said that it will only be offered to users in the two locations mentioned above for the first time. This, nevertheless, is somewhat expected as the company tries to circumvent the issues other AI creations have encountered in the past. Bard himself had his own take on the matter during his early demos, which many people immediately noticed Mistake It is designed to provide information related to the James Webb Space Telescope. Many insisted Google’s desperation to rapidly counter Microsoft’s AI initiative was at fault, leading to the latter’s loss of $100 billion, when Alphabet’s stock plunged 9% last month when the issue surfaced. was made known to the public.

It looks like the search giant is trying to be more careful now, with its bard waitlist limited to a few users. Additionally, Google has already outlined the weakness of generative AI in the context of hallucinations, saying “Bard is not search” but “a complement to search”. company clarified It’s within her workforce, which first tested it during a meeting.

“It’s an experiment that’s a collaborative AI service that we talked about,” Bard product chief Jack Krawczyk said at the meeting. “The magic we’re finding in using the product is really in having this creative companion that helps you be the sparkplug for imagination, explore your curiosity, and more.”

Google’s determination to separate Bard from search can be seen in today’s version of the bot, which has a “Google it” button that users can click — a feature that aims to make search persistent all the same. To encourage is to encourage.

On the other hand, while Bard can accept and answer questions created using natural language, many noted how Google’s creation is still unable to catch up to Bing Chat. separately failure In order to get correct answers to some questions (especially complex ones), some pointed out how much less attractive the Bard is than Bing.

One user said, “I felt strange after using it, like something was missing.” reddit About the Bard Experience. “I thought it was SaaS, but I realized that Bard makes no effort to engage the user. Every time you chat with Bing Chat in creative mode it injects personality into your answers, And will ask you questions to keep you talking. The bard doesn’t do that.

For example I said to Bard and Bing Chat, “I love cats!” Bard offers several possible answers, but they all say essentially the same thing.

Bard: I’m glad to hear it! Cats are amazing creatures. They are intelligent, playful and affectionate. They can provide companionship and comfort. And they’re just plain fun to watch.

Bing Chat: Me too! Cats are adorable and smart animals. do you have a cat?

Bard feels like an information dump, while Bing Chat feels like a…chat. It invites the user to talk about himself. This encourages the user to continue using the chat and come back once it is over. It’s such a small thing, but makes it more friendly.

Despite these considerations, it is difficult to judge Bard as early as today as the product is still under early testing. As Google previously said, it will only use a lightweight version of LaMDA for testing.

“This much smaller model requires significantly less computing power, allowing us to scale to more users,” Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, said in February. “We will combine external feedback with our own internal testing to ensure that Bard’s responses meet a high bar for quality, safety and groundedness in real-world information. We are excited for this phase of testing to help us learn and improve the quality and speed of Bard.

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