Earlier this month, Lulu Cheng Meserve, EVP Corporate Affairs and CCO of Activision Blizzard, revealed some of the words spoken by Sony CEO Jim Ryan. According to Meserve, Ryan didn’t want Duty The deal Microsoft is offering but just wanted to block Fusion, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick confirmed this but promised that the “disappointing behavior” would not affect the company’s relationship with Sony.

Meserve shared The statement came after the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published Sony’s recent statement about the deal, which suggested that Microsoft could introduce bugs into the PlayStation version. cod in future. Activision Executive Then Firmly Denied Questioning Sony’s Real Intentions Proposal and Ryan shared what he said February 21 During a closed-door hearing with EU regulators in Brussels.

“The CEO of SIE answers this question in Brussels,” Meserve tweeted. “In his words: ‘I don’t want a new Call of Duty deal. I just want to stop your merger.'”

Kotick confirmed Ryan’s actions in an email sent to Activision employees this Tuesday VGC, The message was meant to update the task force on the progress of the proposed acquisition, but Kotick also addressed Sony’s “disappointing behavior”, including its continued protests against the deal and Buggy. cod Blame.

“We all know that our passionate players will be the first to hold Microsoft accountable for delivering on their promises of content and quality parity,” the email reads. “And, all of us who work so hard to deliver the best games in our industry care too deeply about our players to launch sub-par versions of our games.”

“Sony has also admitted that they are not really concerned about the Call of Duty agreement – they would like to prevent our merger from happening,” the letter continues. “This is clearly disappointing behavior from a partner of almost thirty years, but we will not allow Sony’s behavior to affect our long-term relationship.

“PlayStation players know that we will continue to deliver the best games on the Sony platform, as we have since the launch of PlayStation.”

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