It’s never good to be made fun of. Whether your new shirt didn’t go down by storm at the office as you’d hoped, or you skidded down an embankment at school and now look like you’ve got explosive diarrhea, be ridiculed by your peers. Not exactly something we’re in a hurry to sign up for.

However, it is a fact of life that since we are not perfect beings, we will from time to time slip up and stuff others into fake machine guns with ammunition.

Still, at least we have the cute old escapism that is video games right? After all who cares if you mess up there?

With infinite lives and checkpoints even life or death mistakes are now only measured in the time spent getting back to that point, so let’s crack open the bubbly and have a good time!

Except there’s only one problem. Being the developers that actively treats your time as a game and has spent years finding ways to make you waste it in totally trollish means.

From collecting pointless items to selling you one scenario with no reward just to offer another and, of course, hitting you for going off the beaten path despite suggesting that it was a good idea, Developers around the world have become the trolls of the gaming world, and mean at that!

Warp Pipe Madness – Mario: The Lost Levels

While he may look like the butter won’t melt in his overalls, the mustachioed Nintendo mascot known as Mario isn’t exactly the type to wear a white hat (well outside of a magical shapeshifter but they don’t count. ) he and his parent company regularly mocked and mocked their player base.

I mean look at the whole “Super Mario 2 Doki Doki Panic” exchange, where a Mario skin was basically slapped on top of a completely different title and then paraded as the official entry for the West was. This resulted in the fact that Nintendo considered the actual Super Mario sequels too difficult for American gamers and so did the old Switcheroo to keep the big Boo Who kids happy.

However, they weren’t happy when the trick was discovered, as viewers now demanded that they got the full experience, with Nintendo obliged.

And by that I mean they released A Living Hell of Trolling Moments, (the hello poison mushroom you get in the first box) known as the precursor to Mario Maker on the world, the pinnacle of the world. was found in 3-1.

Here the player could have easily jumped over the flagpole at the end of the stage, and instead of questioning it, the gamers dashed forward in what was surely going to be a warp pipe quick skip at another later level.

What they found, however, was the exact opposite that it was a pipe that sent them back to the World 1-1.

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