The phenomenon of the sky will always happen every month, whether it can be seen clearly or not.

And in September 2022 it is no less than other interesting events in other months. Reporting from In the Sky by, here are five Sky events that can be viewed throughout September 2022:

1. Moon and Saturn conjunction

On 8 September 2022, the Moon will be visible close to the ringed planet. At that time Saturn will appear 3 degrees away from the Moon.

The pair can be seen at 18:03 WIB at an altitude of 28 degrees above the eastern horizon.

Both will reach the highest point in the sky at 22:12, 80 degrees above the southern horizon.

Observations of the Moon and Saturn with an altitude of 7 degrees above the western horizon will continue until 03:46 WIB.

Moon Mag will remain at -12.7 and Saturn Mag at 0.3. Observers can see both the signs in Capricorn.

2. Epsilon Perseid Meteor Shower

The Epsilon Perseid meteor shower will be active from September 5 to September 21, peaking on September 9, 2022.

During this period, observers will have the opportunity to see a meteor shower in the Perseus constellation.

The meteor shower can be seen at approximately 22:10 WIB when its point of emission rises above the eastern horizon. Then it will remain active till dawn at around 05:26 WIB.

When it is at its highest point in the sky, a meteor shower is likely to occur at around 04:00 WIB.

It is estimated that observers can see up to three meteors per hour at their peak.

3. Poornima

The Moon will reach its full phase on September 10, 2022. Each full moon has a different name for each month.

The full moon of September is also called the Harvest Moon. This naming is a practice practiced by farmers’ almanacs in recent decades.

Full moon names used by almanacs claim to have ancient origins from Native American tribes.

It is named the Harvest Moon because it is related to the time of the autumnal equinox.

When it reaches its full phase, observers can see the full Moon in Aquarius. The Moon will be located at a distance of 369,000 km from Earth.

4. Moon and Jupiter conjunction

The Moon will be visible closer to Jupiter on September 11, 2022. At that time Jupiter will be at 1 degree from the Moon.

The pair will be seen around 19:28 WIB with an altitude of 7 degrees above the eastern horizon.

Both will reach their highest point in the sky at 00:55 WIB with an altitude of 83 degrees above the northern horizon.

Views of the Moon and Jupiter will disappear at dawn at about 05:33 WIB with an altitude of 20 degrees above the western horizon.

Moon will have a magnitude of -12.7 and Jupiter will have a magnitude of -2.9, both of which can be found in Pisces.

5. Equinox September

The September equinox will occur on September 23, 2022. The September equinox is the first day of fall for people living in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring for anyone living in the Southern Hemisphere.

On the day of an equinox, day and night will be about 12 hours across the globe due to the annual path of the Sun.

Equinoxes occur because the Earth’s axis of rotation is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees to the plane of its orbit around the Sun.

As is known, the Earth orbits the Sun every 365,242 days and this is the time in which the cycles of the Sun’s solstices and equinoxes occur. As a result, all seasons on Earth repeat from one year to the next.

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