Through the years, Rashida Jones has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to lead a hit comedy show like Parks and Recreation. In this article we are going to discuss about 10 essential Rashida Jones Movies and TV Shows that you should not miss watching with your loved ones.

Rashida Jones has been working for nearly two decades showing us both her dramatic and comedic sides. Here we have listed his best performances over the years.

Jones has been seen on television and in films since the late 1990s. Day by day, role after role, she started getting more important and better roles and in the last ten years she became a household name. Check out the full article to know about the 10 Essential Rashida Jones Movies and TV Shows.

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  1. The Social Network (2010) –

The social network tells a fictionalized version of how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. This is an incredible film where David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin combined the mastery of their craft to create one of the 21 best movies ever.scheduled tribe century.

rashida jones movies and tv shows

The film also boasts of an amazing ensemble cast that did incredible movies. Rashida Jones has a bit role as one of the junior lawyers in the depositions, but she is the one who would have told Mark the thesis of the entire film.

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  1. Inside Out (2015) –

Inside Out is one of Pixar’s best movies and shows us the feelings of an almost teenage girl as her family moves from the Midwest to San Francisco. This ancient and underappreciated film is funny and great because its ultimate message still resonates today.

Rashida portrays a small part as the voice of Cool Girl. It’s a cameo, though it’s one that shows Rashida can convey just as many thoughts and feelings with her voice as she can with her whole body.

  1. I Love You Man (2009) –

This is a friends love story. Peter does not have a male friend in this film until he meets Sydney and they become best friends. Rashida plays Peter’s fiancée who encourages this new friendship which eventually creates some conflict between the bride and groom.

Jones showed his comic side in this film. She is not one of those boring, impotent, love interests but one who is a real person and wants her lover to be happy.

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  1. The Office –

In The Office, Jones plays Karen Filippelli, a new love interest for Jim. Most viewers disliked Karen because they were completely engrossed in Jim’s love story with Pam. Jones created a unique and interesting character who could have been around for the rest of the show if it weren’t for the producers having already invested so much in Jim and Pam’s relationship.

rashida jones movies and tv shows

  1. Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012) –

This is the story of an eponymous couple when they get divorced and how they try to maintain a cordial friendship after everything is over between them. Jones has also co-written with Will McCormack. He has played the character brilliantly and has shown all his acting powers here.

Joan’s character undergoes a major transformation over the course of the film, from funny to sad and jealous to proud.

It’s a role she wouldn’t have gotten and it really was perfect for her to show the industry that she can do more than just being the beautiful love interest. That’s why it should be on the list of Rashida Jones Movies and TV Shows.

  1. Angie Tribeca –

It was a television show where Rashida played the lead role and the show used all the crime tropes that we have seen enough of in police TV dramas and made fun of them in an aeroplane! or hot shots. So it should be counted among the 10 Best Rashida Jones Movies and TV Shows.

  1. On the Rocks (2020) –

Laura, played by Jo Jones, thinks her husband Dean is cheating on her while trying to be the perfect mother to her two children and has writer’s block for her new project. Jones and Murray’s chemistry is spot on. Therefore it is important to count it in the list of Rashida Jones movies and TV shows.

  1. parks and Recreation –

Parks and Recreation is one of the funniest shows of this era. With Amy Poehler at the center of it as Leslie Knope. The cast is full of actors who have been eyed for fame and have their own acting vehicles.

Rashida played the straight woman to all the craziness surrounding the other characters and she had chemistry with every member of the cast.

  1. Black AF (2020) –

it is netflix The sitcom that features a fictionalized version of the show’s creator, Kenya Barris, as he and his wife, Zoya Barris, played by Rashida Jones, become a new money black family and deal with the fallout of their new found wealth.

  1. Klaus (2019) –

Klaus is a 2019 animated Christmas adventure that serves up a new take on the origins of Santa Claus. Rashida Jones plays Alva, a teacher-turned-fisherwoman whose cold heart melts and forms a new one with the city’s transformation.

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